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    Proposal requests and the proposals itself, including a 30-minute phone consultation are free of charge. The proposal itself has no obligations. The proposal request for a limited offer is not a guarantee that the offer is still available. In case the offer is not available, we will send you a proposal for an alternate service package that comes closest to the one you requested the proposal.
    We securely accept PayPal and all major Credit Cards via PayPal.
    Alternatively, we offer Direct Bank Transfer and Cryptocurrency payments. When choosing Direct Bank Transfer or Cryptocurrency as a payment method, please make sure that no fees will be charged to the payee. Your order will not be processed until the funds have 100% cleared in your account! For questions about Payment use our 24/7 eTicket Service (available in English, Deutsch, Thai)
    You can cancel your service plan within the first 30 days at any time (30-Days No-Risk Guarantee) or the end of each payment period. Payment periods are regular every three months if the chosen service plan mentions nothing other. You can cancel all services easily within your client account.
    After you cancel a Service-Plan, the services will terminate at the end of the running payment period or within 24 hours, depending on what type of cancellation you chose. If you use our website package less than 24 months, and you like to take over the website, you can request a free proposal to buy the website source code. If you cancel after 24 months uninterrupted service with us, you will get the website source code for free.
    All our service packages including our "30-Days No-Risk Guarantee". If, for any reason, you decide not to use our service within the first 30 days, we will refund 100% of your already paid service fees. One-Time-Setup Fees and individual ordered services, which are not included in our Service-Packages, are not refundable. The "30-Days No-Risk Guarantee" starts counting with your first payment.
    Free Bonuses and Services are bonds to service plans and will be delivered only together with the related Service Plans. The Bonuses / Services can not be used for other Websites or other Services. In case of a cancellation of the service plan, all bonuses are canceled too.
    We use as technical reference the "CONTENT FULL PAIN TIME" because this timing aims to be more representative of the user's experience, as it flags when actual content has been loaded on the page and is visible to the user's. The time between "CONTENT FULL PAIN TIME" and page "FULLY LOADED TIME" are used for background tasks that not directly affect the user experience.
    All Websites we offer in or together with our Services Plans will be hosted on web servers controlled by GFT New Media Co.LTD. The reason behind this is our service agreements we give all our clients. We can not rely on third party services or  third party servers!
    You get the website source code including all rights, after 18 months uninterrupted service-time with us. In case the already used service time (time you paid already) is less than 24 months, at the time of the cancellation, you can request a free proposal to buy the website source code with all rights, for a one-time fee. Example below!
    ASSUMED: You cancel your Service-Plan for $9.95 per month, after 9 months.
    CALCULATION: $9.95 * 24  = $238.80,   $9.95 * 9 = $89.55,  $238.80 - $89.55 = $149.25
    ONE-TIME PAYMENT: $149.25 (The price for you to buy the Website Source Code with all rights)
    THIRD-PARTY ADDON & LICENSES, are not included when you buy the website source code. 
    If you like to use your registered Domain is no problem. You will only need to change the DNS Settings by your Domain Registrar that your domain pointed to our server. If you don't know how to do or run into problems, our support team is pleased to help.
    GFT New Media offers Domain registration, transfer, and Management too. You will be the rightful owner of all new domain registration. This means if you cancel our service, you can use the newly registered domain without relying on us. 
    * Terms That Apply to All Hosting Services   
    Our Hosting accounts are allocated bandwidth depending on the package you select. The bandwidth for services purchased does not roll over and is not creditable across periods. In the event you require more bandwidth than you have purchased, your account may be suspended until the next period, you may purchase additional bandwidth by upgrading your account, your account may be terminated for a violation of the terms of the package you purchased, or we may charge you an additional fee for the overage, in our sole discretion.

    For Shared Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting, the terms "unlimited" and "unmetered" are defined by our experience with similarly situated customers. This means that your use of our resources may not exceed that of similarly situated customers. Shared and Reseller Web Hosting Use may not include: (i) streaming content (other than that which is incidental to your website's operation), (ii) management of very large photo galleries, (iii) storage of a large amount of uncompressed or full-size digital images, (iv) online file (FTP) serving, (v) distribution of large audio or video content such as MP3 files, and (vi) online backups (i.e. backup of desktop/laptop computer, files, or anything not directly related to the website). You agree that we may remove impermissible materials from our servers at any time in our sole discretion, without notice. We may also delete the following types of files if we find them to be using excessive amounts of disk space, especially if affecting other customers: (i) cPanel or other backups stored locally, (ii) Softaculous backups stored locally, (iii) Softaculous backup temp files, (iv) Common CMS backups stored locally, (v) Common CMS backup temp files, (vi) Common CMS backup logs, (vii) excessively sized error logs, and (viii) any other large files deemed unnecessary for core website functionality or not containing any valuable data.  

    Email Hosting enables a user to use specific Services, including cPanel services, to create or delete email accounts, manage passwords, set mailbox space quotas, or configure other server-specific settings. Email Hosting services are subject to certain storage limitations and we auto-delete email in your trash or deleted folder after such email becomes more than thirty (30) days old in order to help you manage storage limits. We may also delete mail in your spam or bulk mail folder after such email becomes more than thirty (30) days old, in order to help manage storage limits. Notwithstanding any automatic complimentary backup services, you should back up and save your emails locally to ensure they will be available when needed. If an email is deleted, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to retrieve such email, but cannot guarantee recovery of any emails. Email accounts may be subject to storage quotas specified in a particular package.

    Our Email Hosting Services do not ensure that your inbound and outbound emails will be delivered; settings beyond our control may impact email deliverable, including emails being sent to a spam folder or emails not being delivered at all. IP address blacklisting beyond our control may also affect email delivery

    * Terms Specific to Domain Name Services
    It is your sole responsibility to fully investigate and ensure that the domain name you register does not infringe on the legal rights of others. We do not check to see whether a domain name you register or use infringes on the legal rights of any third party, and we suggest you seek advice of legal counsel before registering any domain.
  13. 24/7 eTICKET SUPPORT
    All our service plans, including 24/7 eTicket support. The average reply time depending on your chosen service plan. Each Service Plan has its own Service Level (SL). Service-Level A: First replay within 12 hours, Service-Level B: First replay within 24 hours, and Service-Level C: First replay within 48 hours. Normally the first reply time, for all Service-Levels, is much shorter than mentioned before. This depends on the actual workload of our service team. 
    To join the GFT New Media CRC Program is free and without any obligations. The CRC program is a reward program to get the own OCS Package for free by referring our OCS Packages to 3 new clients.
    a) You must already be a GFT New Media Client.
    b) You have an active OCS Package Service Plan
    c) You refer 3 new Clients who buy one of our OCS Package Service Plans
    As long as the three clients, you referred, have an active OCS Package Service Plan and pay the service fee, your OCS Package Service Plan will be free of charge. For every 3 new clients, we credit your GFT account with $9.95 per month.
    Certain features of our services and products may utilize the services and/or products of third-party vendors and business partners, which services and/or products may include software, information, data or other services. Certain of these vendors and business partners require Users who utilize such features to agree to additional terms and conditions. With  your uses of such features constitute your agreement to be bound by these additional terms and conditions. These third party terms are subject to change at such third party's discretion. For details please contact our service team

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