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Explanation of terms

Dedicated Support Points (DSP):
DSP's are assigned to  fixed support departments and can not be transferred/used to/with other departments

Shared Support Points (SSP):
SSP can be used for all support departments

Average First Response Time (AFRT)
AFRT is the time between a client submitting a new eTicket and a member of our Service Team's response to this eTicket. eTickets automatic sent by the system are excluded (Not counting as AFRT)

: AFRT between 3 and 5 business days
MIDDLE: AFRT between 1 and 3 business days
HIGH: A member of our Service Team will answer within 4-12 hours!

The Priorities are most important when our Service Team running at full capacity. In this case, we still guarantee a first response time. The eTicket Queue is processed from priority high to low. High priority eTickets additional one-by-one support via Team-Viewer or similar technics. 

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